Scandinavian Trivia Quiz

All these questions are about Scandinavia! See how much you know.




                                                                                                With many thanks to the Nordstjernan for the material used for this quiz.


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1.What unusual rock formation exists on the Swedish island of Faro?  

        A: rauks    B: ales stenar    C: tors    D: diamonds             A: rauks

2. When do Norwegians celebrate their  National Day?    

        A: May7    B: June 6    C: May 17    D: June 7        C: May 17th.

3. What Scandinavian playwright wrote the plays "Hedda Gabler", and "Rosmersholm"?      

       A: H.C. Andersen    B: Piet Hein    C: August Strindberg    D: Henrik Ibsen             

4. What Province is famous for its harbor seals, cliffs, archipelago, and little islands on Sweden's "Sunny Side"?

        A: Bohuslan    B: Halland    C: Skane    D: Sodermanland        

5. Which is the northernmost railway in Scandinavia and Europe?

         A: Malmbanan    B: Kokkola-Vitangi    C: Kiruna-Narvik    B: Jernbaneverket        C: Kiruna-Narvik

6. What Danish Territory is the world's largest island?

         A: Iceland    B: Gotland    C: Svalbard    D: Greenland            D: Greenland

7. In which city was H.C. Andersen born?

         A: Aalborg    B: Odense    C: Copenhagen    D: Kalmar          B: Odense

8. Who wrote the lead song for the film "Pretty Woman"?

         A:  A-Ha    B: Roxette    C: Randy Newman    D: Benny Andersson            B: Roxette

9.What product did 19th centurySwedish inventor J.F. Ljunglof introduce?

         A: The AGA Cooker    B: The milking machine    C: Metallic foil for snus    D: The safety match        C: Metallic foil for snus

10. How was Ingrid Bergman related to Ingmar Bergman?

         A:  No relation    B: his niece    C: his sister    D: his sister-in-law      A: No relation

11. Where is Mariehamn, the largest city (location)?            

         A: Greenland    B: Faroe Islands    C: Aland    D: Oland         C: Aland

12. Who burned down Goteborg in 1611?

         A: Scots    B: Russians    C: Norwegians    D: Danes             D: Danes

13. What is the name of the Danish candy maker famous for his chocolate liquors?

         A: Anton Berg    B: Anto Fazer    C: Anton Marabou    D: Anton Cloetta               A: Anton Berg

14. What are the official languages in Finland?    

         A: Finnish and Russian    B: Finnish and North Sami    C: Finnish and Swedish    D: Finnish and Norwegian      C: Finnish and Swedish

15. What Swede took off on a disastrous polar expedition?

         A: Tor Morden    B: S.A. Andre    C: Esaias Tegner    D: Gustave Froding            B:   S.A. Andre

16. What is the tallest Mountain in the Nordic region?

         A: Kebnekaise    B: Galdhopiggen    C: Slaettaratindur    D: Hardangervidda           B: Galdhopiggen

17. Actress Liv Ulmann was born in Japan, but what is her nationality?

         A: Swedish    B: Norwegian    C: Danish    D: Finnish            B: Norwegian

18. In what Swedish town do Henning Mankell's books about Wallander take place?

         A: Lund    B: Borgholm    C: Ystad    D: Fjallbacka                C: Ystad

19. On which Danish island is the town of Odense located?

         A: Sjaelland    B: Falster    C: Jylland    D: Fyn            D: Fyn    

20. What is the name of the river that creates a natural border between Finland & Sweden in the north?

         A: Karajohka    B: Torne Alv    C: Tanavattnet     D: Klaralven        B: Torne Alv

21. Which Swedish Actress became known as "The Face"?

         A: Lena Olin    B: Greta Garbo    C: Ann-Margret    D: Ingrid Bergman        The answer is; Greta Garbo

22. The first university in Scandinavia was established in 1477 in what city?

         A: Lund    B: Roskilde    C: Uppsala    D: Copenhagen        The answer is; Uppsalla

23. Which Nordic members of the European Union do not use the Euro?

         A: Sweden & Norway    B: Denmark and Findland    C: Sweden & Denmark        The answer is; C: Sweden & Denmark

24.   Who wrote the lyrics for the Norwegian National anthem "Ja, vi elsker. . .?

         A: Bjorn Ulvaeus    B: Liv Ullmann    C: Bjornstjerne  Bjornson    D:  Edvard Grieg        The answer is; ...C: Bjornstjerne  Bjornson

25.  Who was the first Christian king in Scandinavai?

         A: Harald Bluetooth    B: Eric the Saint    C: Harald Fairhair    D: Sweyn Forkbeard        The answer is; ...A: Harald Bluetooth

26. What was the name of the Danish Ffag (and is the oldest state flag still in use)?

         A: Dannebrog    B: Ampera Danica    C: Margretelund     D: Ambrosius Bogbinder        The answer is; ...A: Dannebrog

27.    On what Swedish holiday do witches traditionally fly around the neighborhood?

         A: Halloween    B: All Saint's Day    C: Easter    D: Valborg        The answer is; ...C: Easter

28. What is Hans Christian Andersen known for?

         A: Reversing Danish immigration politics    B: Sculpting    C: writing fairy tales    D: crossing the Atlantic in a 20 foot boat       The answer is; ...C: writing fairy tales

29.    When did the Oresund Bridge open for traffic between Sweden and Denmark?

         A: July 2000    B: July 2001    C: July 2002    D: July 2003        The answer is; ...A: July 2000

30. Which country is pop singer-songwriter Robyn from?

         A: Denmark    B: Greenland    C: Sweden    D: Finland           The answer is; ...C: Sweden

31. In 1927, what inspired the Sankta Lucia tradition to grow into what we know today?

         A: A daily newspaper crowned a Stockholm Lucia queen    B: SvenskFilmindustri debuted a short Lucia documentary   

        C: King Gustav V gifted queen Victoria with a Lucia party to cheer her    D: Selma Lagerof's noverl set in Sicily            The answer is; ...A: A daily newspaper crowned a Stockholm Lucia queen

32. In his novel, "The Son of a Servant", whose life does August Strindberg describe?

         A: His own    B: King Oscar II    C: Edvard Munch    D: Alfred Nobel        The answer is; ...B: King Oscar II

33. What did Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius originally call his scale for temperature?

         A: Celsius    B: Uppsala Measure    C: centigrade    D: Swedish thermometer            The answer is; ..C: centigrade

34. In Astrid Lundgren's story, "Jul i Bullerbyn",  what could the children's grandfather smell?

         A: The green Christmas tree    B: The brown pepparkakor    C: The red apple    D: The white snow           The answer is; ..C: The red apple

35. What Olympic sport is Swede Jan-Ove Waldner known for being the best ever?

         A: table tennis    B: alpine sking    C: triathlon    D: boxing            The answer is; ..A: table tennis

36. How old was Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner Marie Curie's son-in-law, Jean Frederic Joilet-Curie, when he was the youngest

        person ever to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (along with his wife Irene Joilet-Curie) in 1935?

         A: 19    B: 28    C: 35    D: 44           The answer is; ..C: 35

37. What Scandinavian town is known as "rosornas stad" (city of roses)?

         A: Lillehammer    B:Pasadena    C: Trosa    D: Visby            The answer is; ..D: Visby

38. What does it mean if you break your pepparkakor into 3 pieces?

         A: you should eat 3 more cookies    B: someone  you loved sneezed    C: Good luck    D: you will have 3 children            The answer is; ..C: Good luck

39. How many local VASA Order lodges are there in the U.S.?

         A: 48    B: 50    C: 128    D: 150+            The answer is; ..D: 150+

40. Opinions differ as to which countries make up Scandinavia, but most seem to agree on at least three. Which three?

         A: Iceland, Norway, Sweden    B: Finland, Norway, Denmark    C: Denmark, Iceland, Finland    D: Denmark, Norway, Sweden        The answer is; ..D: Denmark, Norway, Sweden

41. Who raised Swede's interest in mushrooms when he observed that they were a viable food sorce during times of famine in the early 1800's?

         A: Gustave Unonius    B: August Strindberg    C: Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte    D: Karl Svamp            The answer is; ..C: Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte

42. What spice was used for pastries on special occasions and even imported for King Gustav Vasa's wedding in 1552?

         A: saffron    B: salt    C: cinnamon    D: ginger            The answer is; ..C: cinnamon

43. What animal did Stockholm's Swedish National Zoo introduce to the U.S. in 1959?

         A: pygmy goat    B: Dala horse    C: Barnevelder chicken    D: musse pig            The answer is; ..A: pygmy goat

44. In what country would you receive a pepper shaker and get called a Pepperman or Peppermaid if you turn 30 and are not yet married?

         A: Denmark    B: Finland    C: Norway     D: Sweden            The answer is; ..A: Denmark

45. In what Swedish province, where King Gustav Vasa built Vadstena Castle, is the swan revered?

         A: Oland    B: Norrbotten    C: Halsingland    D: Ostergotland            The answer is; ..D: Ostergotland

46. What Nordic palace houses today's oldest operating European theater?

         A: Norway's Skaugum    B: Sweden's Drottningholm    C: Denmark's Hirscholm            The answer is; .. B: Sweden's Drottningholm

47. What is the English title of the 1981 Swedish comedy, Gota Kanal?

         A: 1000 Boats    B: Who Pulled the Plug?    C: Anderson's Boat Yard   D: Men with Boats       The answer is; ..B: Who Pulled the Plug?

48. What does "Stockholm symdrome" really mean?

         A: being homesick for Stockholm    B: winning the Swedish lottery    C: emotional bonding with captors    D: a virus that causes rapid  height growth       The answer is; ..C: emotional bonding with captors

49. The publisher had to "stop the presses" for the very first issue of Nordstjernan to add what late breaking news in September 1872?

         A: A diplomat was seeking a Swedish "domestic" and would pay $25 /month     B: congratulations to Chicago, whose Swedish population was biggger than Sweden's

         C: the death of King Carl XV    D: arranged marriages had been banned in Sweden.           The answer is; ..C: the death of King Carl XV

50. The monarchs of Denmark and Norway during WWII were related. How?

         A: Brothers    B: Father and son    C: Sisters    D: They were the same person            The answer is; ..A: Brothers