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                                           BIRKA LODGE No. 732
Hamilton, Massachusetts

Birka Lodge #732 is one of several hundred VOA lodges in the US, Canada, and Sweden.

In 1983 there was no Birka Lodge No. 732VOA of Hamilton, Mass, only a little group of performers known as the "
Scandinavian Dancers of Hamilton", which was under the direction of Hakan Olsson and his wife Inga-Lill.
      When in April of 1984, we sought to be instituted as a local lodge in District No. 2. We were faced with the formidable task of selecting a an appropriate name. We needed a name that would serve both the lodge as a whole and the dance group as well. Ultimately we chose the name
BIRKA (pronounced "Beer-Ka").  What could better reflect our viking origins?
     During the viking period, the separate borders of the modern nations of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden were not clearly defined. By choosing the name
"Birka",  we would symbolically encompass all of our scandinavian compatriots while still acknoledging our uniqely Swedish roots.
BIRKA, (literally Bjork o or Birch island) was a viking town that flourished between 800 A.D.  and 1070 A.D. It was located just to the north of Sweden's present capital of Stockholm on Lake Malaren. This thriving market center brought together people from all over ancient Scandinavia as well as merchants from as far as China and Byzantium. What could be a better name for a twentieth century lodge in the USA (a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society)?

Birka Lodge #732 was founded in 1984, and currently has approximately 120 members, the majority of our members are from Boston's North Shore area, New Hampshire, and Maine. Members are of Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish ancestry. Sharing our Scandinavian culture and heritage binds us with strong fraternal ties. Through it's meetings, cultural events, holiday celebrations, and bi-monthly newsletter, members can keep their Scandinavian heritage alive or learn about their roots.
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The Birka Banner, a bi-monthly newsletter that keeps members informed of area and lodge activities and news.
             A Midsommar Celebration              
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A Children's Tree Plundering Party
A Jul Fair with Lucia Pageant
The Knut's Ball Dinner /Dance
During the year, the Birka Lodge sponsors the following;
Our meetings are held the fourth Friday of each month (except July, August, and December) at the Hamilton -Wenham Community House, Route 1A, Hamilton, MA at 7:30pm unless otherwise announced on our
EVENTS page!.
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Interesting item about this web-site!
It was started in January 2006, and as of March 2006 it was only the 34th web site created for VOA Local Lodges in all of America. At this same time, Sweden was up to Number 25 in local lodge websites!


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